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Top FAQs about The Nutrition Clinic

Q.   What are Nutrition Care Plans?

A.   Care plans are a way of delivering a wrap-around model of value-based nutrition care
            that puts clients first. Clients are at the centre of their nutrition care cycle and wrapped around
            them are resources to help them achieve their goals.

Q.   What sets TNC apart from other practices?

A.   We are pioneers.  The Nutrition Clinic is at the forefront of value-based nutrition care.  Value
            based nutrition care represents a drive for improved client health outcomes at lower cost. We
            live in a world where people are stressed, obesity is on the rise and health statistics are
            skyrocketing out of control, therefore the demand for value-based nutrition care is increasing as
            well.  Nutrition is our main field of expertise and we are very good at it!

Q.   Does TNC accept health insurance?

A.   Yes.  We are healthcare providers for Southern Cross Healthcare Society who reimburse their
           members between $250 - $440 per claims year for consultations with a Registered Clinical
           Nutritionist.  We are currently accepting Southern Cross Health Essentials, Ultra Care and
           Bodycare Module.  Be sure to check with Southern Cross Healthcare first for eligibility.

Q.   Do I need a referral from my doctor?

A.   You don't always need a referral from your GP to get help from other kinds of Health
            Professionals.  And you do not need a doctor's referral to see a Registered Clinical Nutritionist at
            The Nutrition Clinic.

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Q.   How will I know if The Nutrition Clinic is right for me?

A.   Come get to know us!  Book a free chat to discuss your wellness needs. If we can help you, 
            great!  If we can't, we'll find someone who can.  It's the most reasonable way to begin what we
            trust will be a long, productive healthy relationship.

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Questions continued

Q.   Where is the clinic?

A.   You may enjoy a consultation in the comfort of your own home or while at work.  There is no need
            for you to travel as The Nutrition Clinic is an online platform where consultations are conducted
            via Skype or phone.

Q.   How do I purchase a care plan?

A.   It is very easy.  Click the big orange button at the top of this page and pick your plan.  Sign up
            using your credit card and you're good to go.  Alternatively, you may call us on +64 9 2751686 or
            (0275) 146 009 and we can set this up for you over the phone

Q.   Are there any hidden fees?

A.   Thankfully, no. The price displayed on the website is the price available.  There are no joining,
            processing, booking, cancellation or administration fees. 

Q.   What's a free strategy session and how can I book one?

A.   A strategy session is an opportunity to speak with a nutritionist to discuss strategic objectives (or
            goals) that a person wants to achieve.  We identify where they are at with their goals and what
            support they need to help them reach their goals. A strategy session is free of charge and at no
            obligation to you.  It's an opportunity to see if the goals you have in mind and the services of The
            Nutrition Clinic are a match. If you would like to book a strategy session, click the orange button
            at the top of the screen that says "CHECK AVAILABILITY".

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