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Eat Right For Exercise

What you eat today
affects how you train tomorrow!
Whether you do bootcamps, train at home, go to the gym or workout with a personal trainer, when you put a fitness plan and nutrition plan together . . . now you start seeing some real results!

To set you up for success, each nutrition plan is targeted to maximise your training, hit your goals and achieve great results.  Our easy to follow food plans contain highly nutritious real food to produce high-quality muscle and high-quality tissue minimising the risk of injury and allowing you to train better at your next session.

We take the guess work out of supplements and can review your current regime, suggest better quality brands or recommend the ultimate supplement package for maximum muscle recovery, growth and performace.

Forget steamed broccoli and boiled chicken, our recipes are full of flavour and taste amazing.  They are budget-friendly and contain everyday foods you can find at your local supermarket.

Learning outcomes throughout your programme:
  • Pre-workout and post-workout foods
  • How to use carbohydrates to fuel your workout
  • Protein requirements for muscle recovery
  • Healthy fats and oils for satiety
  • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish muscle cells
  • Water and hydration needs
  • Electrolytes and salt
  • Portion sizes

If you enjoy your training but have hit a plateau, addressing your nutrition requirements can get you back on track and ensure you are in the best possible condition to train effectively.

  1. Personal Health Plan
    Tailored to your specific situation
  2. 100% Holistic
    We look at all aspects of your lifestyle
  3. Personal attention
    We look for the root cause of a situation
  4. Professional advice
    Backed by evidence based research