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Functional Tests

Deeper understanding of your health
Functional lab testing and comprehensive blood tests can be invaluable in identifying imbalances and therefore result in better health outcomes by aiding in the development of a wellness plan.

For this reason, tests may be recommended during a consultation from a range of suppliers, including Metagenics and Bio Trace , so that the most appropriate test can be selected for the client’s health concern.

Tests on offer:
  • QRA for food sensitivities
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis for muscle mass, bone density, body fat and total body water
  • Body mass index to calculate height and weight status
  • Blood pressure reading to better track a person's health
  • Random blood glucose to see how the body processes glucose
  • Urinalysis to check the health of the kidneys (inc PH)
  • Hair anaylsis to test for heavy metals
  • Organic Acids a test for determining bacterial, yeast and fungal dysbiosis in the gut
  • Comprehensive stool analysis to detect which bacteria are out of balance and the presence of fungi, yeast or parasites in the gut

Appointments need to be made for these tests and additional charges apply.
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  3. Personal attention
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  4. Professional advice
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