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Staying well for pregnancy
To prepare for the best pregnancy experience you need to take very special care of yourself before you get pregnant.

Preconception care is one of the most important things a woman can do to be healthy because her lifestyle, eating habits and health can impact on the DNA and health outcomes of her unborn baby.

This comprehensive programme will guide "soon-to-be" parents nutritionally, from preconception care to birth and includes:

  • Fertility foods for healthy sperm and egg
  • Vitamins and veggies in pregnancy
  • Folate and pre-natal supplementation
  • Food safety (what not to eat in pregancy)
  • Iron requirements in pregnancy
  • Foods to support breast milk production
  • Gut flora in breast feeding
  • Safe weight gain during pregnancy
  • What/when to feed babies
  • Link between post natal depression + nutrient deficiencies
  • Foods to reduce stress and support emotional health
  • Essential sleep nutrients for motherhood
  • Quick energy-boosting foods for busy mums

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience and your healthy efforts can positively influence the outcome of your child's brain and development.

Healthy eating gives you energy and vitality but it also helps pave the way for your baby's amazing journey. 

Pregnancy package deal:
3 months preconception care (for couples)
9 months pregnancy nutrition (for couples
(one visit per month)
  1. Personal Health Plan
    Tailored to your specific situation
  2. 100% Holistic
    We look at all aspects of your lifestyle
  3. Personal attention
    We look for the root cause of your situation
  4. Professional advice
    Backed by evidence based research
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