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Workplace Wellness

Health promotion at work
With people eating a third of their day's food at work, the World Health Organisation has recognised the workplace as a priority setting for promoting health and wellbeing. 

A study undertaken by Medibank Private reveled that healthy employees make a healthy business.  Their findings comparing unhealthy workers to healthy workers are outlined below:
18 days annual sick leave
Self-rated performance 3.7 out of 10
49 effective hours worked fulltime (per month)
High fat diet

Low energy levels and poor concentration
Obese or overweight
Irregular sleep patterns
Poor stress management techniques

2 days sick leave
Self-rated performance 8.5 out of 10
143 effective hours worked fulltime (per month)
Healthy diet
Fit, energetic and alert
Normal body weight
More attentive at work and better sleep patterns
Actively manage stress levels                          

  1. Wellness seminar
    To inspire your team towards great health
  2. Health check-ups
    To help find problems before they start
  3. Team cook-off
    People learn faster when health becomes a game
  4. Health presentation
    Empower your team with new knowledge
Medibank Private (2005) The health of Australia's workforce. Retrieved from
The benefits of introducing a health and wellbeing programme makes good business sense:

   1. Healthy employees are more productive
   2. Healthy employees increase staff morale
   3. Healthy employees take less sick days

We can present a range of health information in engaging and interesting ways that speaks to the heart of your team, inspiring change from within.  This may be achieved through:

  • Healthy eating presentations
  • Wellness seminars
  • Health check ups
  • Lunch n Learn sessions
  • 1-on-1 employee assistance programme
  • Team building cook-offs
  • Work meeting menu development

Contact us for assistance in arranging a wellness program that suits your company needs. 

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